Remote and Onsite Computer Support:  Application deployment and support for organizations whether hands on or remotely. It allows you to call on one of our experienced technicians to provide assistance in the suite of applications youcurrently have in your organization. Pay us to know and don’t pay us if we don’t

Network Installation and Support
: We will come and troubleshoot network issues that are not related to your service provider. We also will assist in network configuration and infrastructure deployment should you need the assistance.

Server and Computer Logistical Support: Let us assist in the deployment of Server side software, assist in system audits and general server side tasks. e.g.  PAM deployments,  Linux file servers or primary domain controllers,  DNS servers,  DHCP servers.

Backup Services: The deployment and maintenance of an electronic archiving strategy or providing timely backup of existing infrastructure, data and services.

Email and Collaboration
: Support entails enabling businesses to extend their communication functionality through the introduction of industry proven or new technologies (e.g. PBX deployment, Email service management, IM service management, Social network communication strategies, mobile communication strategies, etc…)

Computer cleaning services
: Provide physical and logical preventative maintenance to computer systems to ensure that they stay in premium condition for the active life of the unit.

Hardware and Software Ordering: We will provide logistical and technical support to ensure you get quick and prompt delivery on your IT assets from your vendors.We will also ensure that you’ll get best bang for your buck and optimum ROI for the projects that are undertaken