The folks from ESS Caribbean have launched a new web offering Parks Caribbean. Parks Caribbean is a website that is intended to highlight the multiple social and economic benefits that are derived from protected areas development. The website will function as a key information resource, providing general information for a wide audience, as well information[…]

Caribbean Accents goes live

Caribbean Accents is an online community communication blog where viewers can get access to various articles on happenings around the Caribbean. Articles are written by Caribbean nationals who currently live in the Caribbean or have migrated to other territories but still maintain their Caribbean roots. The founders are Khari Williams and Philmore Walker who both[…]

FDPI gone live!

When the principals at the Foundation for Development Planning were looking to get their website published, there was the ever present problem of choosing the right team to deliver on what their core concepts were. As an entity that carries out sustainable development planning, research, and programs focused on Caribbean communities, the choice had to[…]

Neoport does church site

With an increasing number of its flock becoming web aware, it became necessary for Greater Portmore Baptist Church to provide means and way of communicating with its congregation through this medium. The stakeholders sought out Neoport given its reputation for providing cost effective and efficient solutions geared towards the digital needs of the small to[…]