The folks from ESS Caribbean have launched a new web offering Parks Caribbean. Parks Caribbean is a website that is intended to highlight the multiple social and economic benefits that are derived from protected areas development. The website will function as a key information resource, providing general information for a wide audience, as well information[…]

Riggers Telecom Services launches site

Riggers Telecom Services Limited has been in the telecom installation business for over a decade. With rigging teams that are highly experienced and are approved by all the major site providers. They offer a first class service that operates across the Caribbean on a daily basis.The rigging teams provide services in the mobile sector, delivering[…]

Caribbean Accents goes live

Caribbean Accents is an online community communication blog where viewers can get access to various articles on happenings around the Caribbean. Articles are written by Caribbean nationals who currently live in the Caribbean or have migrated to other territories but still maintain their Caribbean roots. The founders are Khari Williams and Philmore Walker who both[…]

Looking for a PBX?

As technology zips along providing new and innovative offerings, we are finally beginning to see a real impact in the products available to small and medium enterprises. The UCM6100 brings to small businesses a breakthrough in turnkey solutions for converged voice, video, data, fax, security surveillance and mobility application without any recurring costs or extra[…]

Elements of a Great Presentation

If you didn’t realize before, we’re in the information age. This means presenting your information, thoughts, concepts, etc is invariably something you’ll be called upon to do. Ever wonder why some presentations seem so engaging while others are so lackluster? It’s because they are missing the fundamental elements of a great presentation: Aesthetics Efficiency Engagement[…]

Social Media and the Business Communication Model

The communication model is always evolving. Many of us are still just getting accustomed to the necessity of emails and yet social media seems to have overtaken us  as a new communication necessity both as individuals as well as businesses. Many of us are having significant challenges seeing the need, much less formulating the strategy[…]