Looking for a PBX?Looking for a PBX?


As technology zips along providing new and innovative offerings, we are finally beginning to see a real impact in the products available to small and medium enterprises. The UCM6100 brings to small businesses a breakthrough in turnkey solutions for converged voice, video, data, fax, security surveillance and mobility application without any recurring costs or extra licensing fees. What does this mean to you?

Voice infrastructure that is available to you anywhere: Access the office PBX securely wherever you have internet access.
Serious saving on communication expenses: Calling the office is of no charge to you, over the internet
Easy capacity growth of your communications infrastructure: Connect all your lines into the switches and that’s it!
No special cabling required: Use your existing data cabling and you now can transfer calls, conference call, provide auto attendant to your customers
Easy maintenance and programming of your communication infrastructure
Accessory infrastructure is not vendor specific: Use phones, faxes, surveillance equipment from any vendor that supports the SIP protocol
Video call from any equipped unit

In today’s economy it’s hard to ignore a value proposition like that!


UCM6100 spec Sheet