Asterisk as a solution for your PBX needsAsterisk as a solution for your PBX needs

Telecommunications costs are one of those difficult beasts to tame for an up and coming business. Not only are there issues with managing expanding tariff charges, but there are efficiencies and costs associated with proper call flow management. What does this mean to the small business owner? If he is unable to manage his call costs on a day to day basis, he is likely to be overwhelmed by them at the end of the billing cycle. Not only that but he is going to face challenges from lost business if he is unable to manage his virtual customers in an effective and efficient manner. Larger businesses have long seen the benefits of deploying public branch exchanges (PBXes) within their environment for exactly these reasons. Technological developments allow the small business owner now to leverage these self same benefits by deploying cheaper, feature rich equivalents in their business. Solutions vary but the industry grand daddy is without doubt Asterisk.

Asterisk is an open source software implementation of a PBX solution that offers a very feature rich product offering more than just the capacity to keep in touch with the customers, it in essence allows a whole perception change as it relates to how customers see your business. Usually reserved for big business, features such as Call Detail Recording, unlimited extension support and IVRs present a professionalism that usually has a big ticket. Fortunately, the product is part of the open source community which implies that usually the cost associated with deployment is not a licensing one but one associated with resource utilization. That’s a huge sell for small and medium businesses that tend to be cost sensitive. With a fairly consistent track record across the industry, the argument for Asterisk within the enterprise is a straight win-win offering.

Read the product brochure here for Asterisk to get a better understanding of what it has to offer and how it can help you in your business. It could be the thing that pushes your business to the next level.