FDPI gone live!FDPI gone live!

When the principals at the Foundation for Development Planning were looking to get their website published, there was the ever present problem of choosing the right team to deliver on what their core concepts were. As an entity that carries out sustainable development planning, research, and programs focused on Caribbean communities, the choice had to be a reflection of the company’s ethos. Neoport Enterprises was chosen as the primary delivery agent of the solution and the work began to deliver on the need for a technologically sound and scalable web solution for the company.

At the end of an intensive three week development cycle, Neoport has officially handed over the completed product to the key stakeholders. The website offers numerous articles on key developmental topics and is designed to provide its visitors with up-to-date information, statistics, and news on regional issues and attitudes. With lateral integration into other web products, the site makes for a dynamic and easily navigable experience.  The primaries are very happy with the solution and are looking forward to building on the success of the launch with active promotion of the site in the upcoming year.